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Ph.D. in Organic and Molecular Electronics (2×2 years)

Within the Institute for Materials Research (IMO) of Hasselt University, the following position (m/f) is available:
PhD student organic and molecular electronics (2×2 years)
(mandate WNI/2008/021)
Job description:
The research will be performed within the research group ‘Organic and Nanostructured Electronic Materials’ in the framework of the IWT-SBO-project ’Nanostructured POLYmer photovoltaic devices for efficient solar SPECtrum harvesting’ (PolySpec). The subject of the research is situated in the field of organic and molecular electronics with focus on electro-optical and nano-morphological properties of nanostructured semi-conducting polymers for new generation organic solar cells. The IWT-SBO-project Polyspec is a joint project between IMO (coördinator), IMEC, KULeuven, UGent, UAntwerpen and Hasselt University. Continue reading


PhD Scholarship in computer science

for more information of International Scholarships please visit http://www.virtualgrant.com

Application by e-mail will only be taken into consideration when sent to the following address: jobs@uhasselt.be.The Expertise centre for Digital Media (EDM, http://www.edm.uhasselt.be/“>http://www.edm.uhasselt.be) is a research institute of Hasselt University in Belgium. The research team of about 80 people performs scientific research in 3 areas: computer graphics, human-computer interaction and multimedia & communication technology. Hasselt University calls for candidates for the following vacant position (m/f) in EDM:

PhD Scholarship in computer science (2 x 2 jaar)
Job description:
The intended research is situated in the domains of networked virtual environments (NVE) and human-computer interaction (HCI). More specifically, synchronization in scalable networked virtual environments is studied, supporting simulation-based interaction. The investigated synchronization techniques enhance consistency of the status of the virtual environment as presented to all users. Heterogeneous environments (different platforms, I/O devices etc.) are taken into account. Besides synchronization techniques, interaction techniques and the flexibility in their realization play an important role in the envisioned research. Usable multimodal interaction metaphors are designed for individuals as well as groups of users. A division of the users in subgroups is considered for both simulation and interaction between several users in order to enhance performance and social interaction. Further details of the PhD research topics will be determined based on the background and interest of the PhD candidate.
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or more information of International Scholarships please visit http://www.virtualgrant.com


The Southeast Asian region has a number of promising researchers and
scientists those desire to contribute to the region’s development through
research and knowledge dissemination initiatives is hindered by lack of funds.
This situation serves as a barrier to translating promising research and
training into scientific outputs that could be applied to promote development.

To address this concern and in line with the Center’s thrusts of
promoting, undertaking and coordinating research programs relevant to the
agriculture and rural development needs of the region, SEARCA had allocated
funds for the SEARCA Seed Fund for Research and Training (SFRT).

The SFRT is envisaged to provide chosen research and training project proposals with
limited start-up funds intended to enhance chances of securing long-term support
from donor agencies. The SFRT will provide a maximum of $15,000. Continue reading